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Hunza is a rugged valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan. The Hunza is arranged in the outrageous northern piece of Pakistan, flanking with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang district of China.
Hunza was once in the past a regal state flanking Xinjiang (the self-sufficient locale of China) toward the upper east and Pamir toward the northwest, which made due until the point that 1974 when it was at long last broken up by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The state circumscribed the Gilgit Agency toward the south and the previous regal territory of Nagar toward the east. The state capital was the town of Baltit (otherwise called Karimabad); another old settlement is Ganish Village which implies antiquated god “Ganesh town. Hunza was a free realm for over 900 years until the point that the British picked up control of it and the neighboring valley of Nagar somewhere in the range of 1889 and 1892 through a military success. The then Mir/Tham (ruler) Rehab Ansari of Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and looked for what might now be called political refuge.
The Local language of Hunza people is  Burushaski, Wakhi, and Shina. The education rate of the Hunza valley is accepted to be over 90%. The recorded territory of Hunza and present northern Pakistan has had, throughout the hundreds of years, mass movements, clashes and resettling of clans and ethnicities, of which the Dardic Shina race is the most conspicuous in provincial history. Individuals of the area have described their recorded conventions down the ages.

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