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Neelam Valley


The Neelam Valley is the northernmost area and region of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. The region has a populace of 191,251 as indicated by the 2017 Census.The region was severely influenced by the 2005 Kashmir seismic tremor.

The Neelam River was referred to before Partition as Kishan Ganga and was in this manner renamed after the town of Neelam. It streams down from the Gurez Valley in Indian Jammu and Kashmir and generally takes after initial a western and afterward a south-western course until the point that it joins the Jhelum River at Muzaffarabad. The valley is a thickly wooded[citation needed] district with a rise going between 4,000 feet (1,200 m) and 7,500 feet (2,300 m), the mountain tops on either side achieving 17,000 feet (5,200 m). Neelam Valley is 144 kilometers (89 mi)


A few dialects are talked locally in the region. The transcendent one is Hindko. It is the dialect of more extensive correspondence in the territory, and is talked at a local or close local level by all individuals from the other dialect networks, a large number of whom are forsaking their dialect and moving to Hindko.[12] This dialect is typically called Parmi (or Parimi, Pārim), a name that conceivable started in the Kashmiri word apārim ‘from the opposite side’, which was the term utilized by the Kashmiris of the Vale of Kashmir to allude to the highlanders, who talked this dialect. The dialect is additionally at times known as Pahari, in spite of the fact that it looks to some extent like the Hindko of neighboring Kaghan Valley than to the Pahari talked in the Murree Hills. Not at all like different assortments of Hindko, Pahari or Punjabi, it has protected the voiced suctioned consonants toward the beginning of the word: for instance gha ‘grass’ versus Punjabi kà, where the yearning and voicing have been lost offering ascend to a low tone on the accompanying vowel. This sound change anyway is right now spreading here too, yet it has so far just influenced the towns arranged along the Neelam highway.[12] This assortment of Hindko is likewise talked in close-by regions of India-regulated Kashmir. Since Partition, the dialect assortments on either side of the Line of Control have separated in various ways. For instance, in the Neelam Valley there is a higher extent of Urdu loanwords, while the assortment talked over the Line of Control has held more customary Hindko words.
Total Area:
3,621 km2 (1,398 sq mi)

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